What we do

You’re an expert in your field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a talent for explaining it to others. Getting your message across to your customers, that is our talent.

Simplifying communications

Fact: it costs you $6,000 per year just to have a letter ready to send.

That’s right: keeping just one customer letter or email up-to-date and compliant with regulations costs upwards of $6,000 per annum in FTE time alone.

We’ve saved many large organisations millions of dollars by rationalising and redesigning their templates to provide maximum re-usability across multiple products, systems and brands. We can do it for you.


Fact: most products are sold with words.

Every website, video, speech or advertisement is words. The medium is just the vehicle: it’s what you say that counts.

We’ve written every type of marketing and promotional document over the years, for products ranging from life insurance policies to air freshening machines, and for use in print, online and over the phone.

Whatever you’re selling, we can convince people to buy it, because a picture might paint a thousand words, but words can paint a thousand pictures.

Technical writing

Fact: no-one reads the manual.

That is, until something goes wrong and they don’t know what to do. When do you read your insurance policy? When you need to make a claim. When do you read the instructions for your modem? When you can’t connect to the Internet.

‘Technical’ writing covers many types of documents that either tell people how to do something (a user guide), or define a set of features or rules (a loan contract). In either case, the reader wants complex concepts and processes expressed in simple terms that are easy to understand and follow.

This is what we do. So when one of your customers really does need to know how your product works, they can find the answer quickly and easily.

Editing and proof-reading

Fact: 90% of good writing is editing.

The greatest authors throughout history have spent more time editing and proofreading their work than they spent writing the original draft. This is the really hard part of writing, the 90% perspiration that makes the 10% inspiration work.

We can ensure that your writing is properly structured, grammatically correct and a pleasure to read; we can also make sure that your final proof has no errors of any kind.


Fact: everyone can be a better writer.

Writing for business is all about knowing your customer and your product, but even the best-informed sales experts struggle to write a convincing brochure. A relatively simple set of rules governs the English language, yet many of us get through school and even university without truly absorbing them. We show you how to write naturally, in the way that most of us speak, and how to structure your thoughts to take the reader on a journey, whether that journey lasts for one sentence or one hundred pages.

Everyone can be a better writer. We can show you how.